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A slobbering or dirty, wretched person; a worthless sloven

I just love the lyrics to that song, about being on vacation. Very unique rock 'n roll topicality. My favorite is always when he sings "two fat ladies window shop / something for the mantlepiece". Works perfect, he sells it like he's singing about social injustice, or the meaning of life, and the lyrics are all these scenes from sea side resort, people on holiday. Wish I'd thought of it.

Still reading House of Leaves. It's like an odyssey, a circuitous pilgrimage through interiors within interiors, inside the inside of the Dark Night Of The Soul, or Hell. Very unconventional structure, multiple narrative voices, perspectives. Quite dense and layered. I recommend it. It's slightly over-written but it works (so far).

I'm off to work though. I have to get some shit done today. Digging into final edits and such on my book Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll. I could really get into being an author. Might do a novel next. Or a screenplay. K, both.

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