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Hi Friends,

Hope this findsy you well in the midst of our intense collective odyssey. Wanted to send this note as a hello and an update, as it’s been a while.

We spent much of 2019 making a TV pilot for The Clones. We were just starting to shop it as the virus went pandemic, and as with most things in the World, how this will shake out in the entertaiment realm remains to be seen. You can however, watch the full pilot on my Patreon page.

Keeping safe and healthy; preserving from danger
Stuart Davis

New Stuff, Fun Stuff

Hi Friends,

Stuart here with a quick update. Hope this finds you well.

Our new TV pilot is done, and you can watch it by becoming a member on my Patreon page. All kinds of other fun stuff on there as well, including the trailer, show bible, scripts. We are just starting the process of shopping the show to networks and platforms. You can be the first in the World to see it. We laughed a LOT making it. Hope you enjoy.

Keeping keys

New TV pilot

Stuart here with some updates.  

v 1656 -1658 to stop one's mouth
Stuart Davis

News from Stuart

Hi Friends!  

Stuart here with some updates.  

Divination using footprints
Stuart Davis


Hi Friends,

Stuart here. Quick burst of news.

There is a new season of The Clones coming. Recently I signed a development deal with Guilty Humor Productions, and long story short I’m happy to announce next month we begin filming new episodes of The Clones. There will be six episodes in this new series. We will then shop the show to various networks etc, and who knows? Either way you will be watching new Clones in a few months. Pretty exciting.


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