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Hi Friends,

Stuart here with a quick update. Hope this finds you well.

Our new TV pilot is done, and you can watch it by becoming a member on my Patreon page. All kinds of other fun stuff on there as well, including the trailer, show bible, scripts. We are just starting the process of shopping the show to networks and platforms. You can be the first in the World to see it. We laughed a LOT making it. Hope you enjoy.

Also, you can purchase high quality Giclee prints of my artwork, which is created using the IS language. For a quick look at some samples of these paintings watch this short video.

Also, as well, I've been participating in the Integral UFOlogy Series. It's been really interesting, if you have interest in UFOs / UAP / contact with non-human entities, etc, you can watch the latest episode here. Featuring Sean Esbjorn Hargens, Chris Dierkes, Layman Pascal, Bruce Alderman, and myself.

Also, in addition, as well, for some time I've been doing one-on-one work with people in person, and also remotely. These sessions include transpersonal hypnotherapy (past life regression, and more), deep work around creativity as a spiritual path, clearing creative blocks, and also work around death and dying. A while back I received certifications from the Transpersonal Hypnosis Institute and also from the Conscious Dying Institute. I've found the work really meaningful. Let me know if you or someone you know would like to book a session. Hypno session must be in person, all else can be conducted remotely via Zoom, Skype, etc.

Email me at to book.

Also, in addition, as well TOO - have you listened to my latest album Temple Whore? You won't find these songs in a hymnal, but you might find your self humming them.

Sending you all Cosmic hugs, Stuart

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