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unconditioned mind

song of the day: Anthem / Leonard Cohen
word of the day: Patois / french term for a local form of speech distinguished within broader dialects
monk of the day: Marci Davis, my wife XOXOXOXOXO!!!!!


song of the day: Glass / Stuart Davis
word of the day: adamitism / nakedness for religious reasons
monk of the day: colin bigelow (causal resonator)

lead removal 101

song of the day: Strip Bars / Hindu Rodeo
"strip bars are like church
you think that's odd?
you're as apt to find sex
as you are to find God"
(joel sayles)
word of the day: secus (latin for "otherwise")
monk of the day: pappa Davis, my very cool rockin' pops...(thanks for all the help, dad!)


song of the day: Fame, David Bowie
word of the day: Yogibogeybox / materials used by spiritualists
monk of the day: Maria Isley (thanks Maria!!)

i just typed TWO entire, long long blogs, and they were both erased through an unfortunate sequence of events. i do not have it in me to type again. i will now take a few moments of silence in memory of those blogs...

bermuda blog triangle

song of the day: Our House, Madness
word of the day: operose: made with or displaying much industry or effort; laborious
monk of the day: Nomali Perera (nomz is the bomz!!)

hmm. i just wrote a blog and it disappeared somehow. i suspect FOWL PLAY!!

i was up till 6:30am last night with my screaming daughter. my wife went out on an emergency call and Ara cried and cried all night. so it goes. i woke up at 11am, totally out of it. i am aware that i am unaware....(blank stare). as matthew dallmanwould say: Feel It!!

absolutely gorgeous day today in colorado. what a day to be on planet Earth and enjoy the company of humans. may everyone alive feel the presence of grace in their heart. may grace move into everyone's heart.


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