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song of the day: kids in america / forgot who sings it
word of the day: spanandry / lack or extreme scarcity of males in a society
monk of the day: justin davis (yes, that one...)

last day of the meditation retreat. my legs hurt. my right hip, in particular. i'm starting to have a pang to watch a movie...

working on the new song God Spot in my head. it's going to feature Marilyn Monroe, Mr. Rogers, Chris Walken, and one more female i haven't decided... could parker posey be making another appearance on the next album? i mean jeez, i'll have to name the album after her at this rate...

God Spot is a pretty weird song. it's a concept song, where i'm a host of game show called "God Spot", in which the contestants compete to become enlightened. i ask them mystical questions like "and now-the kundalini lightening round, for 100- what was your face before your father was born???" and then the contestants hit their buttons, and answer. as the game proceeds they have deeper and deeper kenshos (spiritual realizations or awakenings), their answers will be edited together by me and imported into the song, culled from all sorts of actual film, t.v., and audio material i'll be going through. what it comes down to is we get to hear Chris Walken, Marilyn Monroe, Mr. Rogers, and another person all competing to realize the ever-present ground of their own being. the chorus is simply: bulls-eye, jack-pot, God spot

it's going to be a mother fucker of an editing session. lots of production involved, but i'm into it. this is actually a song i can put on an album with Glass, but i'll probably never be able to perform it live. it's going to be studio / production driven big time...

back to zazen.

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