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song of the day: Whole Of The MoonWaterboys
word of the day: Love (ineffable fundament of Reality)
monk of the day: anyone reading this

day two of the home retreat. this morning i woke up calmed by a thought:

it isn't necessary
to understand
be understood
to work in the Mystery

had a wild, wild dream last night where an "entity" had assumed human form (to become recognizable to me) and gave me a tutoring session in IS!! totally wild. his eyes were milky, pools of a kind of black-pearly color. all communication took place telepathically. i learned many new words, and he gave me some very cool suggestions for the language (why not allow it to have multiple registers, one which is configurational, one which is non-configurational?" yah!! but, even so, no thinking about IS during today's zazen periods...

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