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Stuart Davis CD Release Tour Begins!

The tour, she begins, yes?

Stuart Davis CD Release tour--> Music for Mortals

A mud bath
Stuart Davis

Spit It Out / Lyrics

There's a man at the mic
six foot three
bald and beautiful
but that's not me

I'm a boy in bed
with a bottle of juice
waxed and wet
and 80 proof

I've seen all the wonders of the World
I've seen all the wonders of the World

I keep a finger on the trigger of doubt
try to decide if I should figure it out
I guess I wonder what the fuss is about
soon as I know I will be spitting it out

I wanna, I gotta, I better, I'm gonna
spit it out

Causing one to salivate
Stuart Davis

New Project / Just Be Yourself

You can now watch the trailer for my new project, Just Be Yourself:

and a brief summary on imdb:

Starring Kandyse McClure, Sebastian Siegel, and Alison McAtee. Amazing folks, really loved working with this entire cast and crew so much. Hope to see find it a home soon...

Kosmic hugs-

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Ben Folds

UFOs: Lifting The Veil

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Leslie Kean, author of the New York Times Best-Seller UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record. The book is the result of a ten-year investigation in which Kean gathered the first-person accounts of over a dozen high-ranking military and government officials, including generals from five countries.

To wink
Freedy Johnston

Love + Water !


Well, a milestone approaches. I turn 40 January 11th & this is ALL I want for my birthday :

I have everything I need, so this year for my birthday I'm asking for gifts in the form of donations to so we can fund clean water projects. My goal is to raise $1,000 and give 50 people life-sustaining water.

PLEASE HELP ME TURN UP THE LOVE by making a donation. Let's get wet up in heeyaahhh!!!

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