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Well, a milestone approaches. I turn 40 January 11th & this is ALL I want for my birthday :

I have everything I need, so this year for my birthday I'm asking for gifts in the form of donations to so we can fund clean water projects. My goal is to raise $1,000 and give 50 people life-sustaining water.

PLEASE HELP ME TURN UP THE LOVE by making a donation. Let's get wet up in heeyaahhh!!!

I am really excited and grateful to be turning 40, and to have such wonderful friends and co-creators in my life. This is truly what I think would be the most wonderful and fun way to spend my 40th birthday, knowing we turned up the LOVE and made a difference. I am lucky to have many amazing friends, and this will truly be the greatest way to say THANK YOU to you all on my 40th (which is January 11th).

Every donation will be the most amazing gift, and I will bow and giggle in gratitude. Somersault prostrations, disco Buddhas!

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