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Roosendahl, Holland (tearful farewell...wave, wave)

song of the day: not the same / ben folds
word of the day: auriform / shaped like an ear

amsterdam shambhala scores a perfect 10....

song of the day: a day in the life / beatles
word of the day: equipoise

love is real

song of the day: i can hear the laughs / freedy johnston
word of the day: Vorige / dutch for "back button" on your computer


song of the day: fall awake / (NOT!)
word of the day: schwangershaftstriefen / it's german for "stretch mark's"


the EU over here has been in a big hubbub, cuz some dude tried to get some dude who's a homophobe to be one of the HEAD dudes of the EU commission of...something. they're all riled up, cuz the president or some high up important person in the EU parlaiment just tried to submit this one cat to an office of significance, and it just so happens this cat DON' LIKE DA' FAGS. also, he thinks women should stay the [email protected]#$% home and shut up. yes, he's not so hot on women or gays. (that leaves farm animals, i guess...).


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