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top ten on KSTU radio...

if i were a radio station (and I am) my call letters would be KSTU, of course. and thanks to iTunes (which i LOVE), i can actually tell you, according the number of "SPINS" (that's industry-speak for the number of times a song is played) what the top ten songs are on KSTU at any given time. i can also tell you what my "adds" for the week were (and "add" is industry-speak for a song that's been added to the play list of a station. stations report their adds each week). here's the reports this week on KSTU...

top ten, according to spins...

10, Left Of Center / Suzanne Vega
9, Irish Blood, English Heart / Morrissey
8, Secrets And Lies / Jonatha Brooke
7, A Sorta Fairy Tale / Tori Amos
6, Big Time / Peter Gabriel
5, Hash Pipe / Weezer
4, Kielbasa / Tenacious D
3, Crab / Weezer
2, Back That AZZ Up / Juvenile
1, Things Have Changed / Bob Dylan

Adds to KSTU this week...

Save Me / Aimee Mann
I Should've Known / Aimee Mann
Saved By Zero / The Fixx
Sick & Tired / The Cardigans
Lay Your Hands On Me / Thompson Twins

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