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Hi Friends,

Stuart Davis here, just wanted to share a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!

NEW Series: How I Created a Cult

I've seen Episode One of How I Created a Cult, and I was riveted. I have the highest regard for the team that made it, and frankly I am BLOWN AWAY by Conscious2, the company that produced it. I am biased, as they are also producing the new series I'm making, but I can say without reservation I think they are making a ground-breaking series here. In fact, they are rolling out three new shows this fall, and this one - How I Created a Cult, is for me, a game-changer. It will be controversial, as it is powerful and includes a lot, from many perspectives.

Universal rulership; state of complete authority

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Hi Friends,

Quick update. I'm currently in production on a new TV series, tentatively called House of Davis. It's a doc series about my family, and our spiritual path as a showbiz / circus-type family. Very excited to share that with you soon (although... if you're a patron on my PATREON page, you are already watching full episodes as we go through the editing process, before anyone else in the World sees them).

Continued passion; an unyielding pursuit
Stuart Davis (featuring Saul Williams)


Hi Friends,

Just a quick heads up I'm doing two concerts this weekend, hope you can make it. I rarely tour these days, so I'm excited to do a quick back-to-back in Iowa.


Hey Gang,

Stu here. FINAL ART PARTY of Season One is this Friday, June 24. Tickets HERE. Ending with some really amazing guests, Jeffrey Kripal and Jasmine Karimova.

I will be doing a couple rare shows this July

07/15/2016 - 8:00pm - The Mill in Iowa City
07/16/2016 7:00pm Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines.

Strength of voice
Jasmine Karimova


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