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NEW Series: How I Created a Cult


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I've seen Episode One of How I Created a Cult, and I was riveted. I have the highest regard for the team that made it, and frankly I am BLOWN AWAY by Conscious2, the company that produced it. I am biased, as they are also producing the new series I'm making, but I can say without reservation I think they are making a ground-breaking series here. In fact, they are rolling out three new shows this fall, and this one - How I Created a Cult, is for me, a game-changer. It will be controversial, as it is powerful and includes a lot, from many perspectives. In the months to come, I am sure an avalanche of feedback, reaction, and back and forth will ensue. I know first-hand that attempts were made to include every person of significance and relevance to this story. Some declined to participate, others did not. Notably, Andrew Cohen himself participated throughout, and I find that a gripping facet of this series. I highly recommend watching. The creators approached it with passion, care, and incredible attention to detail. I do not feel them espousing a particular philosophy or shoring up one side or another. I feel them taking the responsibility seriously, exploring the traumatic, profound, and complex experiences of the hearts and minds of those involved. I am blown away by what I've seen, and cannot wait to see all the episodes. The trailer dropped today, the series premiers in a few weeks.



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