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Stuart Davis (featuring Saul Williams)

Hi Friends,

Quick update. I'm currently in production on a new TV series, tentatively called House of Davis. It's a doc series about my family, and our spiritual path as a showbiz / circus-type family. Very excited to share that with you soon (although... if you're a patron on my PATREON page, you are already watching full episodes as we go through the editing process, before anyone else in the World sees them).

My new series is being made by Conscious2, a London-based company devoted to conscious living. They have a subscription site, loads of free stuff there as well, and they have also started making several doc series (my show is one of those) which are shaping up to be an amazing new line of shows, unlike anything you'll find on TV. In fact they have just unveiled Episode One of Stephen's Big Awakening, a brilliant new series where a non-spiritually inclined guy becomes a guinea pig for testing all kinds of crazy practices.

I love this show. I hope you'll watch, the entire first episode is up for FREE on FB, JUST CLICK HERE

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