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White Plum

Song Of The Day: I Don't Know What It Is / Rufus Wainwright
Word Of The Day: Nikhedonia (n.) / Pleasure derived from anticipating success. (This comes from taking the God Nike + Hedonism. Nikhedonia is also a micronation within Canada

Integral Spiritual Center Site Is Up!

If you haven't seen this yet, you have to check it out: Integral Spiritual Center is now on line and it's killer...

Driving Sesshin

Song Of The Day: Downtown / Frank Sinatra
Word Of The Day: Gnathonize (Verb, 1619 -1727) To flatter

Deep Bow

Word Of The Day: Acroamatic / Esoteric, abstruse, profound. Secret knowledge transmitted orally.
Song Of The Day: Lightening Crashes / Live

pee on me

Song Of The Day: Toxic / Brittany Spears
Word Of The Day: Grease / "grease is the word, it's got a groove, it's got a feeling"


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