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pee on me

Song Of The Day: Toxic / Brittany Spears
Word Of The Day: Grease / "grease is the word, it's got a groove, it's got a feeling"

Well, I'm in L.A. making my new album. That is, Alex Gibson and Nate Jenkins and Rupert Hine are making my new album - I haven't seen anything but the inside of a Limo and hooker's tits since my plane touched down. Five days ago I landed at LAX, and since then I've been sandwiched between Nick Nolte and Gary Busey in the back of a stretch hummer. "Hummer" is the operative phrase there, and I don't want to give away too much, but let's just say I feel like King Of The Casting Couch at this point...

OK, actually I've been at the studio the whole time. We're on day five now, I believe, recording on the Henson Studios lot (used to be A & M studios), and right now -I shit you not, it's me, the Rolling Stones and U2 in the studio. The building has five or six studios, and we're in "B" and the Stones and u2 are in others. I haven't seen Bono or Edge, but last night Keith Richards was frollicking about on the patio with some chick in a huge wig, and I was standing right THERE. No, didn't introduce myself, and actually I don't think I will, unless we're like, taking a piss at the same time, and he's in the stall next to me, and we're wizzing, and I just lean over and look down at his wizzer, and he's gives me that wrinkled look that says "wha 'a fuhhkkkh?" and I'll be like "what?" and he'll be like "you're crazy, man" and i'll be like "PEE on me!"

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