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Deep Bow

Word Of The Day: Acroamatic / Esoteric, abstruse, profound. Secret knowledge transmitted orally.
Song Of The Day: Lightening Crashes / Live

It's been a disco ball of a month. First on tour for a week, then home in Colorado for one day, then in Hollywood for ten days recording the new album, then immediately upon flying home to Colorado, rushing off to the Integral Spiritual Center gathering this past weekend in Denver with Ken Wilber and dozens of Mystery filaments from all over the planet gathered to explore integral spirituality in the modern age. Genpo Roshi conducted Big Mind process on Friday with dozens of teachers from various traditions -Christian Contemplative, Zen, Shambhala, Vajrayana, Anglican, Morman (yes, Morman), Kabbalah, and more- and our collective mind did indeed go Big. I'm way to waxed to write anything extensive at this time, but I wanted to at least offer that my absence from this blog has been for good reasons this month. Every minute of every day for the last three weeks has been packed with one encounter after another with incredible human beings that have sparked my heart and practice in profound ways. My job is simply TOO unbelievably awesome for words. From hanging and making music wtih my dear friends in Des Moines and Ames to making music with Alex Gibson, Nate Jenkins and Rupert Hine in Hollywood, to playing music with Eddie K in Denver this weekend and exploring the Mystery with the Integral Institute staff and guests, I have to ask how could it POSSIBLY get any more amazing? The answer, of course is that I get to come home to two Dakinis, my wife and daughter are symbiotic twin stars, the kind of Amplifier/Magnifier/Accelerator synthesis of Love requiring a multi-dimensional Abacus to calculate the ~!~?~!~ Suffice to say, I am one fortunate, fortunate person, and I just wanted to check in before going to bed by sending all of you out there in the World, all the people I meet at shows, all the practitioners I meet all over the country, my friends and family here in Colorado, and the endless meshwork of Mysterians populating my life- a HUGE thank you, and extend a deep bow. I am left with such a sense of wonder and promise from knowing each of you, and although we all know it's a rough World out there (and in there), there are saints, bodhisattvas, and Mystery agents EVERYWHERE, all over the World. Here's to Love...

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