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song of the day: whateve song it is that has the lyrics:
kept on lookin' for the sun in the middle of the night
but i couldn't see the light, no i couldn't see the light
kept on lookin' for a way to take me through the night,

Love Remembering Itself

song of the day: sooner or later (English Beat)
word of the day: cacophony

set lists from DVD shoot

here is the set lists from the DVD shoots (both nights with a band, Matt Keil on drums, Chad Phillips on bass, Stu on guitars)

saturday, june 26th:

Savoring Samsara
Sexy Messiah
Seven Wonders
Flower Of A Zero
Sugar Bullets
Anasthesia Necrophilia
Fall Awake
Rock Stars
Stephen's Exhibition
Pump It Up (Elvis Costello cover)
Universe Communion

Sunday, June 27th

Anasthesia Necrophilia
Rock Stars
Pump It Up
Human Girl

David Byrne

had a dream last night that david byrne came to my show to check me out, and a string of technical difficulties continually delayed my start time and pissed him off. the equipment wouldn't work, the bass player was missing, then finally we get on stage, half of the microphone (yes, only half) is missing, then the mic stand was collapsing and the levers were stripped so it couldn't be tightened. david got more upset, i grew discombobulated. i never actually got to start the show. so it goes.

Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll

song of the day: Sooner Or Later (English Beat)
word of the day: lassapso (is that how you spell it?)

yesterday and today i've been going through audio of the dharmapalooza concerts, picking songs which will appear on the DVD. we're now discussing possibly making it a double DVD. there sure are a lot of songs. i'm pretty darn happy with it, actually, the sound is rockin', songs are kickin'. i already like it better than any live stuff i've ever recorded before, including 16 nudes and late stuart davis. i think this live DVD is going to become a classic of small-scale sorts. sort of like 16 nudes. it's interesting to note that 16 nudes has out-sold everything else i've done by a large margin. sales to date of 16 nudes is over 10,000, the next closest runner up would be nomen and self untitled at 5,000 + each. it'll be good to have another live album out there, and i've never released a DVD before. i'm still not sure when this will come out, but we're hoping fall (this fall, as in Oct / Nov 2004). tentative title: Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll. so far i've listened to show number one, today i'm going through number two and looking for tuning issues, tempo problems, what we can live with and what we can't. the first night was pretty solid, the largest number of problems were with my solo set...


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