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song of the day: whateve song it is that has the lyrics:
kept on lookin' for the sun in the middle of the night
but i couldn't see the light, no i couldn't see the light
kept on lookin' for a way to take me through the night,

but i couldn't get it right, no i couldn't get it right
(i love that song- is it Boz Scaggs maybe? i love it because of the sound of that guys voice, it's so low and rich and they had just the right amount of compression on it- nice use of the woodblock too, the whole thing between the voice and the woodblock that dry dry phat warm thing...

word of the day: atavism (my buddy leor just wrote me and asked me about Atavistic Viking, and i remembered when i wrote that song, i believe i was reading Beowolf and some book on evolution at the same time, i read that word, looked it up, and knew i wanted to write an anachronistic epic song that celebrated my Danish roots...

tanja let me know last night that the brilliant man who starred in Legend Of 1900 is Tim Roth. now i know i'm a Tim Roth fan, and that's cool. my favorite scene in that film is when they're recording him for the first time onto phonograph, and he spontaneously composes that piece of music while watching the beautiful girl through the round ship window (a portal...). i felt an ache in my stomach...

i woke up this morning and found $10 in the pants i put on. auspicious!

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