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David Byrne

had a dream last night that david byrne came to my show to check me out, and a string of technical difficulties continually delayed my start time and pissed him off. the equipment wouldn't work, the bass player was missing, then finally we get on stage, half of the microphone (yes, only half) is missing, then the mic stand was collapsing and the levers were stripped so it couldn't be tightened. david got more upset, i grew discombobulated. i never actually got to start the show. so it goes.

i've been trying my hand at thai cooking. i can't find red chiles anywhere in boulder. how can grocery stores not carry red chiles? but they don't. and the asian market that would have had them was reportedly closed down by the health department. i guess i didn't want chiles that bad. but i need them for this dish i'm inventing to help cultivate the christian / buddhist dialogue, i'm going to call it Lotus and Fishes. it's a curry dish. the fish (with curry) is placed on top of a bed of cabbage leaves (8 to be exact) carefully laid out on a large plate to form a lotus flower (all leaves pointing upward in a circle). the fish, of course, was a secret symbol of early christianity. christians would use it as a password, upon meeting one christian would draw a half arc in the air, or in the dirt, and if the other was a christian too, they would complete the pointed oval. they also used the symbol as a sign-post directing people (often via underground tunnels) to secret meeting, you would just follow the way the fishes were pointing. it also represents the eucharist, and of course the loaves and fishes miracle. the fish was perhaps the primary symbol of christianity until the Romans adopted it as the official religion and decided they wanted the cross. you know the romans. they loved their blood sport.

the lotus is the symbol of buddhism. it rises out of mud and water to create perfect flowers that rest just above the water line. 8 petals represent the 8 fold path, and the lotus has a curious property in that nothing sticks to it. it's called the Lotus effect. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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