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Warren Zevon, Remembered

Oh, I miss Warren Zevon. Never knew him, but I've always thought he was one of the greatest songwriters. I didn't even know he was dead (I knew he was fatally ill, though) until I saw the special on VH1 where they're making his last album as he is literally in his last dying days. Bruce Springsteen, a bunch of other stars are on the record with him. It's fucking rough. He's still smoking (died of cancer) to the very end, sneaking cigarettes in the alley. And hey, let people live and die how they want to. Life is so short. My fav Zevon songs:

a hapless bald-headed man
Warren Zevon

God's Comic / Colored People

Perfect. SO perfect. Today, two songs for your aural arousal. First, Costello doing it the way only he can. Singing in first person, giving us the perspective of the court jester to the Absolute. Can I admit I identify with this song a bit? The best part is that massive fucking PAUSE. Big tacit gap. Very musical, and goes on long enough to make you think "oh, the song's over..." then no, it's not. And I love how he backs HIMSELF up on the chorus...

"now I'm dead, now I'm dead, now I'm dead"

mastery of languages
Elvis Costello & Colored People / DC Talk

Here is a video of (my hero) Arab-American Psychologist Wafa Sultan

This woman is my hero. WATCH THIS VIDEO. A lucid, sane voice of an Arab woman contending with the bizarre, antiquated fundamentalism of the berzerkers trying to undermine civilization.

Cliff Notes On My New CD / Glass

Song of the Day: Glass
Word of the Day: Nepenthe / a drink or drug causing sorrow to be forgotten (Greek, from ne- not, and penthos grief)

Falling Snow
on the back
of a gliding crow

Of a crow
Of a crow

Moonlight breaks
the glass
of a frozen lake

Of a lake
Of a lake

Through you


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