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Song Of The Day: It's a tie. Will It Go Round In Circles / Billy Preston

Word Of The Day: Rupp / In Britain, a public right of way designated as a road and used esp. as a footpath or bridleway. (acronym for Road Used as a Public Path)

Eat My Meat...

Song Of The Day: New Age Girl / Dead Eye Dick
Word Of The Day: Stridulate / Make a harsh, grating, or shrill noise, esp by rubbing a part of the body against another (insects, etc)

Here's some fun info...

Aspartame VS Splenda

Song Of The Day: Shock The Monkey / Peter Gabriel
Word Of The Day: Sucralose / An intensely sweet, heat-stable derivative of sucrose that contains no calories.

My Either / Or Disorder

Song of the day: Save It For Later / English Beat
Word of the day: Suspiration / 1, Sighing; a sigh. 2, Deep breathing; breath; a deep breath. (from the Latin suspiratio).


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