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Eat My Meat...

Song Of The Day: New Age Girl / Dead Eye Dick
Word Of The Day: Stridulate / Make a harsh, grating, or shrill noise, esp by rubbing a part of the body against another (insects, etc)

Here's some fun info...

*55% of all antibiotics used in the U.S. are fed to livestock.
*The percentage of Stphylococci infections resistant to penicillin has grown from 13% in 1960 to 91% in 1998. These bacteria and antibiotics are in the meat we eat.
*European Economic Community banned the importartion of U.S. meat to Europe because of health concerns regarding the massive use of antibiotics in U.S. meat.
*The risk of contracting breast cancer is 3.8 times greater for women who eat meat daily compared to those who eat it once a week; 2.8 times greater for women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week; 3.25 times greater for women who eat butter and cheese 2 to 4 times a week as compared with once a week.
*The risk of FATAL prostate cancer is 3.6 times greater for men who consume meat, cheese, eggs, and milk daily as compared with sparingly or not at all.
*Of the 125 medical schools in the U.S., only 30 require their students to take A COURSE IN NUTRITION. The average training received by the average U.S. physician during four years in school is 2.5 hours.
*Heart attack is the most common cause of death in the U.S., killing one person every 45 seconds.
*Male meat-eater's risk of death from heart attack is 50%. Male vegetarian's risk of death from heart attack is 15%.
*Completely eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from one's diet reduces the risk of heart attack by 90%.
*Average cholesterol consumption of a meat-centered diet is 210 milligrams per day. Chance of death from heart disease for a male with blood cholesterol of 210 milligrams a day is more than 50%.
*U.S. meat contains deadly pesticides.
*Fewer than 1 out of every 250,000 slaughtered animals is tested for toxic chemical residue.
*99% of U.S. mother's milk contains significant levels of DDT.
*8% of U.S. vegetarian mother's milk contains significant levels of DDT.
*Contamination of breast milk due to chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides (from animal products) is 35 times higher in meat eating women compared to non- meat eating women.
*The pesticide Dieldrin ingested by the average breast-fed American infant is 9 times the permissible level.
*More than half of all water used for all purposes in the U.S. is consumed in livestock production.
*25 Gallons of water are required to produce a pound of wheat.
*5,000 gallons of water are required to produce a pound of California beef.
*If it weren't subsidized by the U.S. Government, the cheapest hamburger meat would cost more than $35 a pound.
*It takes 78 calories of fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, etc) to produce one calory of beef protein.
*It takes 2 calories of fossil fuel to produce one calory of soybean.
*If every human ate a meat-centered diet, the world's oil reserves would last 13 years.
*If humans did not eat meat, the world's oil reserves would last 260 years.
*33% of all raw materials (base products of farming, forestry, mining, including all fossil fuels) consumed in the U.S. are devoted to the production of livestock.
*2% of all raw materials consumed in the U.S. produce a complete vegetarian diet.
*Animals in the food processing systems experience lives of confinement, manipulation, and violent death.
*660,000 animals are killed in the U.S. every HOUR for meat consumers.
*Slaughterhouse worker has the highest turn-over rate of any job in the U.S.
*Slaughterhouse worker has the highest on-the-job injury rate in the U.S.
*Each year, 1,000 species go extinct due to destruction of tropical rain forests used to produce meat for U.S. consumers.
*75% of all children under five in Central America are undernourished.
*100 MILLION people could be adequately fed using the land freed up if Americans were to cut their intake of meat by a mere 10%.
*20 Million people will die this year as a result of malnutrition.
*20% of the corn grown in the U.S. is eaten by people.
*80% of the corn grown in the U.S. is eaten by livestock.
*90% of protein is wasted in cycling grain through livestock.
*One acre of land can produce 250 pounds of beef.
*One acre of land can produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes.
*56% of all farmland in the U.S. is devoted to beef production.

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