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i love diet coke

Song Of The Day: Evil, Stevie Wonder (evil, why have you engulfed so many lives? leaving...)
Word Of The Day: FRUHS-jhok (it's a noun in IS meaning "a laugh that is stifled or supressed"

dharmapalooza newzaaa

sunday after my talk, ken wilber hits the stage, and spends the afternoon asking the audience questions. we spend (when i say we, it's 98% ken) three hours talking about ITP, the reality of building an organization- much less a 2nd tier organization, and what it's like working in the trenches for the integral vision. ken gives a loving, brilliant, and very sober account of the difficulties and struggles involved in this emergent dimension of being. i find it synchronistic in a way, because before he got there i had been wondering if i was too sober in my talk saturday morning.

Dharmapalooza twoza

sunday i get up and scurry off to Naropa's Nalanda campus (that's where all the talks are being held). we begin again with meditation, and then i talk a bit about the changes at Dharma Pop. for the last year Dharma Pop was comprised of Vipassana, Rinzai, Shambhala, and Soto branches. Soto was the management branch, and handled all the details of running a record. soto was staffed by kismet smith, rob berg, jason digges, and chad phillips. they worked very very hard for long hours and no pay, and i am very moved and grateful for how generously they gave of themselves to the cause.

dharmapalooza is thruza

sorry i haven't written in a few days, since dharmapalooza started (thursday night) it has been non-stop. i picked matt (my drummer) up from the airport thursday night, we came back and rehearsed until 2:30 in the morning. it was so unbelievably loud we seriously worried the police would be over any moment. it also happened to be the first day my next door neighbors had been in their new house, and it sounded like a monster truck over here.

you can have a relationship with....

word of the day: mikvah
song of the day: china girl (David Bowie)


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