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you can have a relationship with....

word of the day: mikvah
song of the day: china girl (David Bowie)

couldn't sleep last night. my wife and daughter are sick with the flu, and since i have the DVD taping and dharmapalooza i'm trying to not catch it. i inadvertently used her toothbrush last night though, and now i'm in the uncertain zone. i finally fell asleep at about 4:00, but woke up at 6:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. i sat zazen an hour, then went back to bed and got a few more hours of sleep. it's been a tough couple of days on the interpersonal front, very difficult things going on in some personal relationships, but it's ok. when i get upset, i keep returning to something my wife always tells me "you can have a relationship with your anger, or you can have a relationship with....(fill in the blank). i think she got it from doctor Phil. i have to say it has in fact helped me a lot. i can have a relationship with anger, or i can have a relationship with the people coming here for dharmapalooza. i'm considering what i will say for opening remarks, etc, and it makes me smile when i think of all the people coming here from all over the country to explore the Mystery together.

worked out today, jumped on the trampline, did leg presses and free weights, think i pulled a muscle in my back (slightly). we're odering chinese take out for dinner, i don't want to leave the house, must work...

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