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song of the day: Fame, David Bowie
word of the day: Yogibogeybox / materials used by spiritualists
monk of the day: Maria Isley (thanks Maria!!)

i just typed TWO entire, long long blogs, and they were both erased through an unfortunate sequence of events. i do not have it in me to type again. i will now take a few moments of silence in memory of those blogs...

bermuda blog triangle

song of the day: Our House, Madness
word of the day: operose: made with or displaying much industry or effort; laborious
monk of the day: Nomali Perera (nomz is the bomz!!)

hmm. i just wrote a blog and it disappeared somehow. i suspect FOWL PLAY!!

i was up till 6:30am last night with my screaming daughter. my wife went out on an emergency call and Ara cried and cried all night. so it goes. i woke up at 11am, totally out of it. i am aware that i am unaware....(blank stare). as matthew dallmanwould say: Feel It!!

absolutely gorgeous day today in colorado. what a day to be on planet Earth and enjoy the company of humans. may everyone alive feel the presence of grace in their heart. may grace move into everyone's heart.



today is the roller-coaster ride of home-owning. our front porch is full of toxic lead paint that must be removed (thousands of $), the ceiling in our den caved in, the roof has to be replaced and the insurance company is saying they won't cover it (it's not hail or storm damage, just wear and tear over years..). i'm struggling minute to minute not to get lost in the story... so far i've gotten lost in the story a few hundred times today... i know we have it really really good. people all over the world are struggling with truly difficult things, my difficulties are cosmetic.


song of the day: that song by Paul Simon where he sings "these are the days of miracle and wonder, don't cry baby don't cry, don't cry..."
word of the day: coronach / an outcry of a crowd
monk of the day: Del Kreiser (Thanks Del!!)

Rape Game

here's the lyrics to my new song Rape Game, i actually wrote several versions of it some time ago, but have revisited it lately, and have decided i do like it. for a while i was really not sure, but i do, it just needs to be produced with a full band- very pop song. i think this may be circuitously inspired by Mulholland Drive. my favorite line by far is "you laid awake and thought about horses". as i think of this song and its possible place on my next studio album, i wonder how it will sit with songs like Glass and What? hmm....


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