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song of the day: Our House, Madness
word of the day: operose: made with or displaying much industry or effort; laborious
monk of the day: Nomali Perera (nomz is the bomz!!)

hmm. i just wrote a blog and it disappeared somehow. i suspect FOWL PLAY!!

i was up till 6:30am last night with my screaming daughter. my wife went out on an emergency call and Ara cried and cried all night. so it goes. i woke up at 11am, totally out of it. i am aware that i am unaware....(blank stare). as matthew dallmanwould say: Feel It!!

absolutely gorgeous day today in colorado. what a day to be on planet Earth and enjoy the company of humans. may everyone alive feel the presence of grace in their heart. may grace move into everyone's heart.

today i plan to write out the alphabet to IS in a clear manner so my friend Kayla can help me get rolling with fontographer. then i'll be able to write in IS on my computer! woo.... perhaps we'll have some IS stuff up on the site this year. then we can do our part to positively counter-act the disturbing linguistic trend underway around the World...

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