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Rape Game

here's the lyrics to my new song Rape Game, i actually wrote several versions of it some time ago, but have revisited it lately, and have decided i do like it. for a while i was really not sure, but i do, it just needs to be produced with a full band- very pop song. i think this may be circuitously inspired by Mulholland Drive. my favorite line by far is "you laid awake and thought about horses". as i think of this song and its possible place on my next studio album, i wonder how it will sit with songs like Glass and What? hmm....

I can guess
why you'd wanna come
'cause where you're from
people always told you
how you shine
innocent and pure
a face like that
ought to be in pictures

So you were
standing at the gate
could hardly wait
You had your parents
waiving, water in their eyes
as they said a prayer
for their very special girl

Praying that
she stands with a back bone
but it's gonna snap
like a wish bone
When we get our hands
on your no-name
When you get a break
in the rape game

Your own place
even if it's small
with brittle walls
cracks in the plaster
black specks
crawling on your bed sheets
you laid awake
and thought about horses

Or going home
but you never will
you're here until
Jesus comes
or the Beatles are forgotten
so tell me who you'd do
if you had to
make a living now

Maybe there's a switch
in your back bone
flip it and it snaps
like a wish bone
When we get our hands
on your no-name
When you get a break
in the rape game

Just a girl who needs a scene
and I need to see you kneeling
Just a girl who'd love a break
and I'd love to see you broken

Rape game

Every body fought
when they first came
till they hit it big
in the rape game

(copyright stuart davis 2004 all rights reserved)

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