The Stuart Davis Show - Episode 11

We asked Stuart to do a special Earth Day episode for us. Instead he gave us an even more special 581-C Day episode. You may have heard about the recent discovery of this Earth-like planet, 120 trillion miles away in the constellation of Virgo, orbiting around the warm glow of a red dwarf star. Stu hits the streets of Scienceburgtonville to ask the resident scientegists all the hard-hitting questions: as a representative of Earth, what would you say to the highly intelligent life that most likely lives on 581 c? Do they believe in God? Does God believe in them? How is sex on 581 c, anyway? And if we were to move there, would we end up treating it with the same tragic disregard that we have our own homeworld?

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Razor-sharp improv. Lurking amid the minutiae of his observations on life and the Universe are some startling insights. Davis pulls off the most elusive of party tricks...Even the gods were grinning.

-Irish Times, Dublin Ireland