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shadow and light

song of the day: Kashmire (Led Zeppelin)
word of the day: apocyrphal

if i were to go in soon and record a new album, the song line up i have to choose from is something like this:

Hellilujah (original version, not the one that
was dropped from Bell)
Angel With Two Backs
Parker Posey
Rape Game
Before Beyond
Trans Cowboy
God Spot
Deity Freak
Elizabeth Ascends

Around The World

word of the day: gymnosophy (deep contemplation performed while naked- no really, i'm serious, i got it from one of my all-time favorite web sites.
song of the day: extrovert (XTC)

it's hot in colorado. but dry. sorry everyone in the midwest, but it's pretty much never, never humid in colorado. that means it just doesn't bug you much when it gets hot. i like it, kinda, and i'm scandinavian descent.


song of the day: Don't Look Down (Jim's Big Ego)
word of the day: psychomachy (conflict between the body and the soul)

Parker Posey

these are the lyrics to my new song Parker Posey. it's written from the perspective of an (asshole) writer / director who's pitching a movie to Parker, the one he feels will transform her from an indie goddess to a mainstream success. his intentions are good, but it becomes somewhat of a back -handed flattery. the song is in 4/4, key of F# Minor-

Parker Posey, this is your movie
I know how believable you'll be
that's why you landed the lead
it's Pretty Woman meets Clockwork Orange
it's Parker...


song of the day: whateve song it is that has the lyrics:
kept on lookin' for the sun in the middle of the night
but i couldn't see the light, no i couldn't see the light
kept on lookin' for a way to take me through the night,


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