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song of the day: walk like an egyptian (bangles)
word of the day: narcomancy (divination using sleep)
monks of the day: rinus and desiree and tanja (holland!)

isn't there a condom named ramses? if i remember right there is, and it's funny cuz Ramses had at least NINETY children (he was an egyptian pharaoh, 13th century b.c.- ruled for 66 years). who decided to name a line of prophylactics after this guy? i'd venture Ramses' sword was unsheathed and he used the "leave it in" method. NINETY offspring has got to be some kind of record, especially when you consider he fathered many of them with his sister and three of his daughters- but being the conservative he was, he married all of them, so these births were legit...or something. now that's some cross-cultural / cross-epoch / cross-memetic shit! used to be, a man could marry his sister, beget some daughters, marry those daughters, beget some half-sisters, marry those half sisters- until your family tree looked like a fucking Escher print. it must have been a bit confusing at dinner "honey, pass the peas to your sister, er, your half sister, no, not your mother- no honey, that's your cousin, honey pass the PEAS TO YOUR SISTER". Ramses was such a bad ass that the next nine Pharaohs changed their names to Ramses as well. Poseurs!

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