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Song Of The Day: I Still Believe (The Great Design) / The Call
Word Of The Day: Ictic / Of the nature of a sudden blow, pertaining to or due to stress, stroke, or seizure. (But I guess from this link we can infer it has something to do with poetry too?)

Below is the fourth in our tour of All-Quadrants, All-Levels, an integral survey of Art...


Two of the most basic types in artists are masculine and feminine. These refer not only to gender, but to aspects within each person, as men have feminine dimensions, and women have masculine dimensions. Other common types include healthy and pathological, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, body, and blood types.

Enneagram Types (Ichazo)

Critic / Reformer - Principled, Purposeful, Virtuous, Moral, Perfectionistic Integrity
Helper / Care Giver - Caring, Empathetic, Compassionate, Nurturing, Generous, Giving
Achievers Ambitious, Charming, Motivated, Driven to Excel, Adaptable
Individualist Creative, Self-Possessed, Introspective, Tactful, Vulnerable, Strong
Observer / Investigator Perceptive, Innovative, Inventive, Curious, Idiosyncratic, Independent
Loyalists Dedicated, Reliable, Trustworthy, Persevering, Cooperative, Symbiotic
Enthusiasts Vivacious, Spontaneous, Reactive, Interested, Enthusiastic, Resilient
Protector / Challenger Confident, Assertive, Resourceful, Decisive, Protective, Honorable
Peacemaker Accepting, Patient, Tolerant, Innocent, Supportive, Agreeable

Myers-Briggs Types

Extroversion / Introversion How meaning and energy are derived, extroversion derives meaning and energy from the external world, while introversion does so from the internal world)
Sensing / Intuiting The method relied upon for trusting or assimilating information and experience, sensing relies on
perceptions from the external world, while intuiting trusts the internal means of knowing.
Thinking / Feeling How choices or determinations are made. Thinking types rely on analytic / logical modes, Feeling on
affective / emotional modes.
Judging / Perceiving How a person uses or acts on information and experience. Judging type prefers accordance with
plans and organization, perceiving tends toward spontaneity, improvisation, flexibility.

Soma-types (Sheldon)

Endomorphic Rounded, soft body type (Renaissance Model)
Mesomorphic Athletic, muscular body type (Fitness Model)
Ectomorphic Thin, lightly muscled body type (Runway Model)

Blood Types

Each type is a dimension or perspective an artist can train in the service of their craft. To begin, an artist might simply identify his or her own native or inherited typologies (they are an Individualist number four on the Enneagram, or an INFP Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving in the Myers-Briggs test) as a basic orientation. Beyond that, they might begin to explore taking the role of other types, experimentally assuming those perspectives that differ from their own in order to see what new perceptions, inspirations, interpretations, and possibilities they disclose. Anyone who's studied acting can vouch for the value of not only learning about our personal characteristics and qualities, but others as well. Great actors -and many great artists- are able to inhabit divergent perspectives as their own, and in its healthy form this capacity does not stem from an absence of identity, but an abundance of it, springing from a self so vast it contains and expresses all human typologies, their various states, World views, and myriad intelligences. It's often an integral artist's impulse to cross over his or her own boundaries, and include parts of themselves that lie beyond their own personal body and brain. All types stand as invitations to an artist, not just to learning more about our personal make up, but exploring the human condition.

Types, lines, stages, and states can all be considered from different points of view. Four of the most universal, accessible points of view in sentient beings are interior (inner, invisible realms of being), exterior, (outter, visible realms of being), individual (singular) and collective (plural). These four basic perspectives are also known as the four quadrants.

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