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Entregent (on-tre-ZHAN)

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Social intercourse, savoir faire, a slightly derogatory term referring to an ability to maneuver and / or manipulate through social discourse
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Photo: Green Room at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, taken by Sebastian Siegel

Hey Friends,


After a three- year hiatus, I am officially on tour again. In fact I've been so busy traveling I have not been blogging about traveling. What a travesty.

Let me catch you up.

New York- After the show, some dude gave me a truly astounding book about the paranormal. It's called Authors of The Impossible and ever since I read it I've been able to levitate.

L.A. - I almost got my star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but it turns out they thought I was the dead painter. Thanks, Roosevelt Hotel!

Seattle - I put on my astronaut helmut and had dinner in the Space Needle

Nashville - Partied all night in a private club. Seriously. Skull and Bones? Yes. Bilderbergers? Yes. You could point a camera anywhere and get an Eyes Wide Shut.

I also did a show in Boulder, where people reported a spontaneous remission in Lack of Love. There was spooning. There were trust exercises. And we all won.

My next show is in Omaha. I will be handing out $100 bills from a kissing booth in the Old Market. You are invited.

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