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Top 20 Spiritual Pop Songs


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My top twenty fav spiritual pop songs as of today:

20. King Of Pain / Police

Favorite Lines:

There's a king on a throne with his eyes torn out
There's a blind man looking for a shadow of doubt
There's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed
There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread

19. One Of Us / Joan Osborne

Favorite Lines:

What if God was one of us,
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

18. Dear God / XTC

Favorite Lines:

Did you make disease, and the diamond blue?
Did you make mankind after we made you?
And the devil too!

17. Both Sides Now / Joni Mitchell

Favorite Lines:

Rows and floes of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way

16. Pacing The Cage / Bruce Cockburn

Favorite Lines:

Sometimes the best map will not guide you
You can't see what's round the bend
Sometimes the road leads through dark places
Sometimes the darkness is your friend

15, Lotta Love To Give / Daniel Lanois

Favorite Lines:

There's a sermon that I heard the other day,
confused me so I looked the other way
I'm watchin' you now
with a whole lotta love to give

14, The Scent of Magnolia / David Sylvian

Favorite Lines:

Will I know your name or recognise your face?
Or by what means I'll be delivered from this place?
Here comes the gun, there goes the flash
Once the bullet leaves it's never coming back

The scent of magnolia, the face of a girl
And every detail embodies the world
What kind of goals define this impossible dream?
None of the picture-books reflect all I've seen

13, Soul Meets Body / Death Cab For Cutie

Favorite Lines:

I cannot guess what we'll discover
Between the dirt with our palms cut like shovels
But I know our filthy hands can wash one another's
And not one speck will remain

12, Dolphin's Cry / Live

Favorite Lines:

We meet again
it's like we never left
Time in between was just a dream
did we leave this place?

12. Heaven / Live

Favorite Lines:

I don't need no one to tell me about heaven
I look at my daughter, and I believe.
I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth
I can see the sunset and I perceive

11. Unsingable Name / Mike Doughty

Favorite Lines:

Sweet and plain unsingable name
That rings in my mind now
That strums me like a string
Shine, unsingable name
Over everything

10. Forgiveness / Patty Griffin

Favorite Lines:

I heard them ringing the bells
In heaven and hell
They got a secret
Theyre getting ready to tell
Its falling from the sky
Calling from the graves
Open your eyes, boy
I think we are saved

9. Not Alone / Patty Griffin

Favorite Lines:

Nothing really matters in the end you know
All the worries sever
Don't be afraid for me my friend
one day we all fall down forever

She says you are not alone
Laying in the light
Put out the fire in your head
And lay with me tonight

8. Impermanent Things / Peter Himmelman

Favorite Lines:

All these impermanent things
Present yet elusive
Passive yet abusive
Tearing out the heart in utter silence

7. Another Plane Went Down / Shawn Colvin

Favorite Lines:

So many other dreams
The one I had today
You and the Italian woman naked
Your fingers between her legs
She lay like a body in the water
She barely made a sound
She fell as quiet, as quiet, as a leaf falling
To the ground

6. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) / Talking Heads

Home is where I want to be
But I guess I'm already there
I come home, she lifted up her wings
Guess that this must be the place
I can't tell one from another
Did I find you, or you find me?
There was a time Before we were born
If someone asks, this is where I'll be

5. Whole of The Moon / The Waterboys

Favorite Lines:

I wondered out in the world for years
while you just stayed in your room
I saw the crescent
you saw the whole of the moon

4. Hallelujah / Jeff Buckley (written by Leonard Cohen)

Favorite Lines:

Well maybe there's a God above
But all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who'd out drew ya
And it's not a cry that you hear at night
It's not somebody who's seen the light
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

3. The Loving / XTC

Favorite Lines:

Way out there in space,
Think we'll find that alien race,
Needs the loving.
And just to end the list,
Everything that could exist,
Needs the loving.

The loving's coming!

2. Lightening Crashes / Live

Lightning crashes, a new mother cries
This moment shes been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes
Pale blue colored iris, presents the circle
And puts the glory out to hide

1. One / U2

Favorite Lines:

We're one
But we're not the same
We hurt each other
Then we do it again

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