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Stevie = Saint

song of the day: Evil Stevie Wonder
word of the day: sowlth / a formless luminous spectre (from the Irish Samhailt- likeness, apparation) {chiefly used in the writings of W.B. Yeats

freaky man, i've never heard of the word SOWLTH.. if you google it you get a lot of stuff in other languages (celtic). anyhow.

by the way, if you want to cry and feel your heart crushed, download that song Evil by Stevie Wonder. Stevie is without a doubt, in my experience THE all time great in the heart chakra. in fact, chest and throat, belly, whao... he's probably got more songs that make me cry and cry than anyone else. in fact, it's not like i sit around crying to music. if i cry a dozen times a year listening to music, i bet 9 or 10 of those are Stevie Wonder's work. every time Isn't She Lovely comes on, every time he sings that line "I can't believe what God has done" i start to lose it. and this song Evil- AGH! it kills me. he is SO there, SO fully powerful and vulnerable at the same time, just cracks me open. Stevie is one of those rare dudes where i really feel his immense World-wide fame is completely merited by his genius. as far as i'm concerned he's a saint. in the words of Stevie:

"Sleepers, just stop sleepin' "

in fact, maybe i'll make the word 'Stevie' mean 'saint' in IS. you can do that when you're constructing your own langauge you know. you invent etymologies. be nice to me or i'll make your name mean 'Golden Showers'

the sex thing, let's wrap it up. i really hope i don't come off as puritanical and arrogant as i am ;-) i'm just here to judge others, to take a passing glance at a subject and weigh in with undue gravity and bravado. someone's got to do it...oh, what? there are already enough people doing it? mmm, that's right, i forgot about T.V.

the last two nights my wife and i ordered pizza to be delivered, and frankly it's just cuz we're using food to medicate our construction-weary heads. you live in a construction site, you notice you want to start eating candy, pizza, and ok, i shot up some junk last night.

it's funny cuz i had this dream last night that marci and i were living in a mansion. it was just a normal dream until i got a phone call in the dream from David Bowie, and i was like "hey, David Bowie wouldn't call me...this is DREAM!! [*gasp*]". and he was all like: Oh, just you shut your mouth....
he said
he said

was up till 2:30 working on new songs last night. Deity Freak continues to make progress, so does Voodoo Dolls. it's funny the ways i end up writing about politics. it's usually a metaphor about how the satanists pose as holy people (christians? muslims? jews?) and infiltrate the traditions with their sinister agenda. it's probably overly dramatic, but let's face it, right after christ left shit fell apart for christianity. same for any prophet / teacher as far as i can tell, as soon as they're not around to go "uh, that's not what i meant" the slide begins. but by then they've reincarnated as some other dudette or dude who's doing it again.
that's the fun.

well, gotta go try to put a door in my house. doors doors. i always hated the Doors. if i wanted to hear that much organ i'd go to church.

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