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Six Feet Under = Modern Shamanism

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just this month my wife and i started renting Six Feet Under. UNbelievable. the best tv show i've ever seen. anyone who's lost faith in the ubiquitous Idiot Box should check out this masterpiece. i'd never seen the show (saw like half an episode way back) and now i've seen 8 or 9 episodes in the past few weeks, i have yet to watch one that didn't blow me away. the acting, writing, directing -every element- is a perfect ten every time. what i love most are the contradictions in each character, they're all so fucked up and radiant at the same time, and you can't possibly ask for a cooler, better context than a funeral home, each episode begins with a death, but this show is far from just some macabre soap opera, with a genre-busting brilliance, it's packed with all the tenderness, humor, fear, redemption, and profound wonder of the human experience. it will surprise you. probably my favorite element -if i had to choose, which is not easy- is the acting. GAWD. incredible! none of these actors were stars before the show, but i think it's safe to plant them all sqaurely in the highest register of their craft now. there isn't a weak link in the bunch. this is the actualization of TV's potential, to transport us. this show has captured my imagination, hit me in the heart, the head, and really got me thinking about some of the biggest questions, i honestly feel it's helped me as a practitioner. there's a fucking Shaman working the Love behind this whole show, i just know it.

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