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shadow and light

song of the day: Kashmire (Led Zeppelin)
word of the day: apocyrphal

if i were to go in soon and record a new album, the song line up i have to choose from is something like this:

Hellilujah (original version, not the one that
was dropped from Bell)
Angel With Two Backs
Parker Posey
Rape Game
Before Beyond
Trans Cowboy
God Spot
Deity Freak
Elizabeth Ascends

i've also always wanted to re-record the entire Late Stuart Davis album from start to finish. i've always loved the songs on that CD but just can't stand the way it sounds, it's unlistenable to my ears. i've wondered how to best resolve that conundrum. my plan is to let the original go out of print and just make a whole other album with those songs or something. what to do, when to do it? in the meantime, Jason Digges and are digging into the work of getting the DVD out sometime soon. that's a very big project itself.

watched Mystic River last night. the acting is stunning. Sean Penn and caste are positively brilliant. clint eastwood did a great job directing too...shadow and light, shadow and light. basic constituents of all manifest and unmanifest reality (the twins which are the One).

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