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Season TWO of Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll Debuts!!

Hiya Folks !

Some fun things:

A whole new season of Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll starts up today. For season two, I was joined by the brilliant Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica), and the hilarious Mariann Gavelo (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia). We moved the show to Hollywood and introduced new segments like Rocktails, where Kandyse teaches us how to make Rock 'n Roll inspired cocktails, and Sexy Word, where Mariann expands our command of the English language. Definitely worth a look.

Also- check out my Patreon page. Patreon is a site which connects artists and fans. Simple way to become a supporter of stuff you love, and it really helps me make videos, new music, comedy. You receive exclusive material, and starting now, for ANY PATRON over the $25 mark, you can NAME YOUR OWN INCENTIVE. Basically, you tell us what your 'reward' is for becoming a Patron, and within reason- we will comply. Go for it.

Also- I wrote a new song called Eden, and made a live vid.

Hope you are all well, and sending you Cosmic hugs !!


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