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Screaming Queer Eye For The Witness Guy

Song Of The Day: All For You / Screaming Witness
Word Of The Day: Acesulfame / 200 Times sweeter than sugar, straight from Germany into your watering mouth

I just discovered this new band, Screaming Witness. I have to say they're one of the great undiscovered acts out there. Not only are the songs deep, brilliantly produced, and catchy as hell, but these guys LOOK good. They're handsome, natural good looks, but -and this is going to betray my superficiality- the clothes really pull it all together. I did a bit of snooping around, and it turns out -you guessed it- these two are gay. Makes sense, music that seamless and intimate doesn't come from heterock. I think it's awesome, and hot, I only hope they can keep the band together, because we've all Fleetwood seen what Mac happens when romance flares in the studio. When you add the same-sex dimension, it's either magic.... or tragic.

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