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San Francisco + Santa Cruz

Hiya Pals,

In the next few days I'll be in San Francisco (Sunday) and Santa Cruz (Monday).

As per usual, I will have my Cash Cannon set up on stage, and during these shows will intermittently blast wads of 100 dollar bills into the audience. Limit of $10,000 per person.

Apr 7th - San Francisco, CA / Hotel Utah
Apr 8th - Santa Cruz, CA / Crepe Place
Apr 12th - Minneapolis, MN / Bryant Lake Theater
Apr 13th - Duluth, MN / Beaner's Central
Apr 17th - Vancouver, BC / Electric Owl
Apr 19th - Seattle, WA / The Mix
May 10th - Eugene, OR / Diablos
May 11th - Portland, OR / Mt Tabor Theater
May 17th - Des Moines , IA / Vaudeville Mews
May 18th - Omaha, NE / Pizza Shoppe Collective
May 23rd - Austin, TX / Club De Ville
May 24th - Dallas, TX / Opening Bell
May 25th - Houston, TX / The Capital
May 31st - Paonia, CO / Blue Sage Arts
Jun 1st - Boulder, CO / Shine
Jun 7th - Pittsburgh, PA / Park House
Jun 8th - Cleveland, OH / Kennedy's Theater in Playhouse Square
Jun 13th - Ottawa, ON / Zaphods Beeblebrox
Jun 14th - Montreal, QB / Le Cagibi
Jun 27 - Madison, WI / Mother Fool's
Jun 28 - Chicago, IL / Uncommon Ground
Jun 29 - Iowa City, IA / The Mill
Sep 11 - London, UK / The Troubadour
Sep 21 - Edinburgh, SCT / Banneman's
Oct 3 - Berlin, GE / Hangar 49
Oct 19 - Frankfurt, GE / Spiritual Fall Academy

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