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Rocky Mountain High

one of the many great things about living in Colorado is the weather. driving around all summer with the top off the jeep makes me want get naked and inhale the planet through my nose. every night, it's insanely beautiful here, no humidity, just clear, crisp, perfect air. i'm from Minnesota, and having moved to Colorado i just can't believe there's not going to be a day where i wake up and it's insanely uncomfortable, where you step outside and it feels like you're asyphixiating from the dense pressure on your face, lungs, and FACE and your shirt is wet in ten seconds from the hot wet yuck sauna. you'd think with winters that bad summers would be sweet, the trade off. like in florida, summer's suck, but in winter you get to play golf and whatever. but in minnesota...blizzards, tornados, ice storms, lightening, hail, floods, heat heat. anyhow, in colorado it's just amazing. even if a winter storm comes and drops two feet of snow, it all melts in two days, and it never actually gets really bitter cold. i've lived here almost two years now, and i can count the truly cold days on one hand. and in summer, we just walk around barefoot and smell the lilacs. it's dry, dry, dry. the hardest thing about Colorado is the dust. it's a fact that unless you go up into the mountains (and even then), the dust is a bitch. i don't mind the dust so much, it gives an anal retentive a sense of purpose. the only really annoying thing is the dogs in my hometown. what is it with the fucking DOGS???? every person in my hometown owns at least one dog, and most of them own two or three. lest you think it's my anti-dog thing again, you should know that the City made it a law you can only own three dogs in this town. why? because it was such a problem. for instance, when i moved here, my wife owned a blood hound, a basset hound, and an otter hound. we now have no dogs (but one baby). later on when Ara's a bit bigger, we're going to get a Great Dane (one deserves another....HAAAAAAAAAAAA) and name it Mazzy. then my dog will eat any dogs i don't like, and my daughter can ride on his back maurading the city like a latter day Viking Queen. anyway. weather's great here....

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