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radio killed the video star

song of the day: I'm not gonna lie to you, it's still Irish Heart, English Blood by Morrissey. i can't stop singing "i've been dreaming of a time when...the ENGLISH are SICK to death of LABOR...and TORRIES, and SPIT UPON the name..." etc.
word of the day: yeah, that's still FUCK too...
monk of the day: Nixon

spent the morning driving around with Ken (Wilber) looking at real estate. why? i can't say. but it's HUGE news. it's an UN-believable thing. but i can't say. no, it's not that Ken and i are gay(er) and we're looking for a place to move in together. i'm married with baby. that's not it. it's something even BETTER, even more totally fucking awesome KICK ASS to the tenth power. we spent a good hour touring Denver going "OH! look at that! OH how bout that one! check THAT out..." you'll find out what it's all [integral] about [institute] soon enough. in the words of brittany murphy's sick chick:

i'll never tell...

in other highly abstract news, i have the video for Parker Posey rolling around over and over in my head and it's driving me to sanity. i would be a director (like in the song) pitching a movie to her at some L.A. cafe through the first verse, then in the chorus, Alan Arkin steps in and lip-sinks the line "Alan Arkin is your widower father" then Mary Tyler Moore sings "Mary Tyler is his beautiful neighbor". i bring in little dia-rama mach ups of the sets and such, ward robe people step in, dress parker up, and by the second chorus we're in the house where the film is being shot and we're shooting scenes- Parker has a rough time of it, i pull her aside during the bridge of the song and give her the back-handed insulting pep-talk "i know i can make you...a minnie driver" etc. then she tells me to fuck off, storms off the set and the crew and i follow her doing choreography down the street...the whole group singing : "Parker Posey, this is your movie"

how much would that cost to shoot? it's bugging the shit out of me. i actually emailed Hannah Dallman (film maker) the other day and asked her if she'd be up for it. hey no problem, we'll just get parker, alan, and mary together for a day in l.a. they probably all live in new york.

how's my house, you ask? i was up till midnight putting insulation in the roof of my den. i got lots and lots of insulation in my eyes. the world appears warmer today. i also got it all over my skin (mmm, glass in my body) and plenty more dust up my nose nad down my throat. i ALMOST almost puked again last night from it, but this time i just gagged and gagged for several minutes, no actual vomit was emitted.

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