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presidents day is so... soft

Song of the day: Every Little Kiss / Bruce Hornsby
Word of the day: Chrestomathy / A collection of selected passages from an author or authors, esp one compiled to assist in learning a langauge.

It's presidents day. A holiday planted squarely in the center of the "Wha??-why-is-the-fucking-post-office-closed-today-OH-it's-presidents-day-shihhhhhht" category. Why don't we all go out and do something presidential today? You, Jimmy, you divert funds from the public trust into an espionage project, Debby, go deregulate radio- AH HELL, deregulate all media- this is 'merica, Bob, you'll be giving tax-free rim jobs to feckless mulinational corporations, and Me?- well, folks, there's a blow job with my name on it waiting in the oval office... you can't spell "internal" without "intern".

i think one of the reasons i feel more affinity with democratic presidents is that their impropriety tends toward sexual indescretion, wheras republicans tend to have more of a greed / avarice shadow. Kennedy got to sleep with Marilyn. Marilyn. the sexiest woman on the planet ('cept for my wife) and i'm not saying that because of historical inflation, or retro-romantic amplification of her beauty via myth-building, or idealization. i know how brutal and full of hurt marilyn's life was, and how fucked up she was on drugs and shit, but plain and flatly simple, this is one time in history when the media actually got it RIGHT. this is one of those rare occasions when a woman's fame, adoration, and legend are in proportion with her actual charisma, glamour, and radiance. i never met her, and i never get over her. she was like 36 when she died? did you see those last film snippets of her of the movie they never finished, where she's sitting naked by the edge of the pool, but you only see her back, and she's looking back at you and laughing, and then she gets in the pool, and so on? she was blasted on medication, clinically depressed, and generally caving in- and she was cosmic drop dead STUNNING. and it was not a matter of looks. she had 1000 watts of "IT", whatever the fuck IT is, plus a full course of something extra in her presence that literally makes my stomach feel weird. i used to watch her movies all the time, like watch six of them in a row in six days while i did shit in the studio, i would have them on the back ground, but i stopped because i felt like it was pumping my gut full of microwave radiation. jesus. i'm being sincere when i say it made my body ache, and not in a lustful way. she's just some kind of Goddess, perhaps the first and only real American Goddess. all the others- Jayne Mansfield, or Madonna, or Gwen Steffani, or even those like Lauren Hutton (who is really, really beautiful and charismatic), or sophia loren- or, ok, i'm gonna say it- even Julie Christie- they just aren't in the same category. cuz it's a category of ONE. there's marilyn, and then there's everybody else. well, i guess i'd say there's marilyn and my wife, and then everybody else... there are truly innumberable moments when my wife gives me those same feelings marilyn does, but it's cooler cuz i'm married to my wife, and i can just be like "come here, YOU!"

anyway, i'm not here to write about marilyn, or kennedy, or presidents. who gives a shit about those frat boys? presidents day, and i say this with love and a warm regard for our highest office, right now president's day feels like celebrating the biggest hemorrhage in a drug smuggler's colon. i mean, forget left or right, conservative or liberal, our leader has a cognitive capacity that makes one wax longingly for the days of triple-digit IQs in the white house. you do NOT have to be a genius, or even smart, to be president. there are many intelligences in the human being, and at least a dozen of them are critically important in having the over-all ability to be a good leader. they inlcude lines like "perspectives" (capacity to take the role of other, to inhabit a multiplicity of perspectives including those which differ from yours personally), "ethical", interpersonal, creative, etc. cognitive is just one of them. our president, for the record, is a one sad abacus when it comes to ALL of these lines, but especially cognitive. he is a fucking IDIOT- there's more spark in the static of a welcome mat than you'll ever see in those eyes. does that mean he is worth any less as a human being? NO. all human beings share the same absolute value, their fundamental value is absolute, all sentient beings have the same absolute value, because we are discreet expressions of the Absolute, or God, or Love, or whatever you wanna call it. but we are not all equal REALIZATIONS of that Absolute. the presidents cognitive capacity is not something he chose- he was born this way. it's not his fault. but it does really, truly mean he should not be president. no one with an IQ under, oh.. 100 should be allowed to hold the office of president. why? because the cognitive line, while it is only ONE kind of intelligence, happens to act as a -pardon the pun- as a governor for the entire assembly of other intelligences. think of it as the gear shift for the whole car. if you're shift only goes up to 3rd gear, then you're only going to drive that car 45 miles per hour, it doesn't matter how kick ass your fancy new tires are or, or that Mazarati built your engine, or that the fuzzy dize on your rear view mirror are made from a weave of Marilyn Monroe's pubic hair, or that you have four expert race car drivers in the vehicle coaching you the whole way. 3rd gear- that's IT. nothing will change that. of course a cognitive liability can be managed and neutralized if it is accompanied by high marks in other intelligences and an INTEREST on the part of the subject. certainly a leader with highly developed interpersonal, emotional, perspectives, etc, lines of intelligence who happens to have a modest cognitive capacity- that leader can still be quite effective. but fucking (hey, i just said but-fucking;-) FORGET effective. we just need a leader who's not a total, utter dip shit, who is not a collosal historical embarassment, one who does not jeapordize the political, economic, and social inheritence of generations to come. i look at this guy, and Caligula starts to seem appealing.

do you think i'm just bashing republicans? then YOU ARE STUPID TOO. i don't hate republicans, although in the ridiculously polarized, radically simplified version of "dialogue" we have in this country where we've sacrificed all nuances for the convenience of simple binary interpretations of all phenomena- in THAT dialogue since i'm not "FOR" our president i must be against our country, huh? let me fucking say something to the americans who think people who have views or opinions that differ from their own are "unamerican": the FRENCH- the entire government of FRANCE is MORE AUTHENTICALLY AMERICAN THAN YOU ARE. why? because dissent and divergence was engineered into the very fabric of this democracy from its very inception, and for very good reason, that is precisely what has kept us strong and alive, but now you lazy, monocular sloths want to do away with anything that doesn't converge perfectly with your aberrant interpreation of new fascism via the old testeament. well FUCK YOU. thanks to YOU i suddently want to have gay sex for the rest of my life, although i wasn't gay before i met you, and you know what else, heretofore i want to solely focus all scientific advancement toward making it possible for a man to conceive and give birth to children - although i never cared about science before i met you, now it's my life, and MAN i want to be fucked and pummeled in the ass by hundreds of black men and asian men and south american men while i read aloud from the bible, the koran, and the torah until i get pregnant with sextuplets -although i never wanted children before i met you-, now i'm going to name all after YOU and other obdurate ideologues, and then i am going to fucking abort every one of those goddamn little fucking abominations -although i never felt an impulse toward infanticide before i met you- now it's my passion, cuz you know what, YOU have finally sold me on a simple black and white version of the Universe where there is good and evil and NOTHING in between, and since YOU know what is holy, and since YOU know what is right, good, moral, and ethical, and since I DO NOT confrom with your version of what a human should be, then I MUST BE THE PERSONIFICATION OF EVIL, i must be the DEVIL, you have provided my role for me. congratulations, your ridiculous, all-engrossing fear has finally created that which was previously merely a chimera. now that you're able to successfully reify all the wicked, contorted projections of your own unconscious, maybe TOGETHER we can create a world-wide cataclysm on the order of that Apocalypse you're always dreaming of. it'll be grand! you'll finally get to see everyone who's different from you burn in hell, and we the damned will get to be sodomized by demons with crucifix-phalluses! let's parse the Kosmos into digestable bits until it fits into that Mr. Yuck face you call a way of life.

it's not about republicans. if i were a republican, i would be pissed right now, cuz my party has been hijacked by extremes that caricature the party. there are many cool republicans, and there is no way, no way in hell for our nation to move ahead much less function without fully including all the issues on the conservative agenda. that's not lip service, that's just reality. my dad is a republican, and i LOVE him, he's a great human being, i trust him, admire him, respect him- and WHAT'S MORE my dad loves ME, even though i am a loud-mouthed freakish weirdo who writes disturbing things like this blog, and creates all sorts of difficult, strange art in the world, and even though my mom and dad are christians and republicans and i am buddhist and politically chaotic- they accept me and love me, and we have a great family. i would take ANYONE- Bob Dole, COME BACK, McCain-wherefore art thou?- anyone but this evolutionary dead end that is now in its 2nd term. the whole fucking country should get the Darwin Award this year, for electing this psycho-spiritual malignancy not once, but TWICE! president's day? with leaders like this who needs an axis of evil? hey, America- the call is coming from INSIDE your house...

fucking wake up.

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