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song of the day: johnny strikes up the band / warren zevon
word of the day: stellate / of the sky: studded with stars. 2, star shaped; arranged or grouped in the form of a star or stars

omaha, somewhere in middle america...

oh my ~?~ you people rock. the great ship OM, christened and launched, our crew of 80 lanterns guarding a cargo hold of light. together we landed a dozen dark worlds, and seeded their shadows with sparks from our hearts!

it was such a privelege to spend the night with you! i shit you not, the audiences at both iowa city and omaha were as good as it gets. i want to give a fat ass prostration to Vidyuddeva as well, who tossed about the enso like a frisbee. is this dude transparent or what? is this dude the shit, or what? and allow me to genuflect (that's a "G" word, just this once...") to Sandy Aquila, who keeps OM reverberating through the midwest. she's created one big ass light bulb in the heartland, nothing like it for hundreds and hundreds of miles in all directions. let's do everything we can to keep the wattage up.

i love playing Omaha, and it's all because of that venue and the PEOPLE who show up there!

in other news, i get back home to boulder, and it's like x-mas in my mail box. some beautiful soul has mailed me Saul Williams' new CD, and David Bowie's new DVD. thanks! can't wait to check these out.

more tomorrow folks, i'm off to do some sitting...


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