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Hi Friends-

Stuart here. Hope your Thanksgiving was grand, and you are headed toward the next holidays with sufficiently corpulent torpor ;-)

If you haven't checked out House of Davis yet, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are all live now. Ep 3 is a bonus length, hour-long. And it's an incredible in-depth exploration of Jasmine Karimova, the artist I signed to my label in 2016. I'm producing her debut album, and we basically shot a feature-length doc about her art, her family history, and the way the two intersect. It's powerful and I really hope you check it out.

You can watch House of Davis by signing up at - IT IS FREE FOR TWO FULL WEEKS, RISK-FREE. Kind of a no-brainer. They also have other shows, and they are AMAZING. Remember this, because you are probably going to see some of these shows on national TV in 2017, and if you want, you can say you saw it way before anyone else, when you caught it on C2. The series How I Created A Cult is one of the most amazing doc series I've seen in a long time. Absolutely riveting. And the series Stephen's Big Awakening is a totally unique doc on 'seeking'. Hilarious, edgy, open-hearted.

Of course you can get a first look / listen to pretty much anything I'm working on just by becoming a Patron. I have been doing the Patreon thing for a while now, and I really love it. I can sometimes slide into a 'lone wolf' approach to working, driving on in isolation until a project is done. But Patreon has been a cool place where I not only share truly exclusive things, but where I also share the work through every stage of the process.

For instance right now I'm working on two new albums, one is my next studio album, and the other is Jasmine Karimova's debut album (which I'm producing). I've been sharing that process and giving patrons exclusive looks / listens to that stuff every step of the way. Same thing with my TV show, it always is shared with Patrons weeks or months before the general public sees it, and patrons also see the work in each stage of its unfolding. Right now I'm also working on my 10th screenplay, and I've posted the very earliest parts of the process, from beat sheets, outlines, and preliminary budgets - all things that only my patrons will see. I've shared every thing from show bibles to rare videos and pilots that have never seen the light of day anywhere else. Just a few dozen patrons.

I hope you'll hope over and check it out, and consider becoming a patron. It makes a difference for me as an artist, and I think we are going to have lots of interesting and exclusive stuff to share in 2017.

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