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Hi Friends,

Stuart here with a few quick items. 

Sessions are underway at my new site The Liminal Muse. This is a portal for my one-on-one work with people around paranormal experience (abduction, contact with non-human intelligences, craft, etc), as well as spirituality and creativity. These sessions can be an hour long, conducted online, or they can be as long as two-day intensives that take place in person, and include deep work with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. Using Covid testing, and strategic windows of isolation, it is possible to do work in person if one is sufficiently attentive to a few special arrangements. Visit The Liminal Muse to learn more, and email me at stuart @ stuart davis . com to book a session. 

I'm happy to say our new podcast Aliens & Artists has been doing really well. Thank you to all who've listened and shared, we've already had tens of thousands of downloads and the experience has been so rewarding. These conversations have been so moving and revelatory. Check out the new episodes with Kate Thorvaldson, a person with 35 alien implants. She's a brilliant artist and polymath. Also, we released a special video this week with Sebastian Siegel who photographed an astounding UFO (one of the photos is posted above) right outside his apartment in downtown Hollywood. They are some of the best pics I've seen re: UAP / UFOs. Someone in China photographed what appears to be the same craft over an urban area. We do a side-by side comparison in the video. Very interesting.

Last but not least, I continue to enjoy doing more original painting commissions in 2020. My process is to first write an original poem in the IS language about whomever is commissioning the work, then enfigure the crow (or other visage) with poetic micro-calligraphy. Let me know if you'd like one, we'll make it happen. 

I hope this finds you all well, sending Cosmic hugs,

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