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The founder of a schism
Stuart Davis

Hi Friends,

Stuart here with some new art to share.

My feature-length comedy special COME COMEDY WITH ME! Is not available, for FREE, on YouTube. It’s been finished for about a year now, but has been exclusively available to my PATRONS.

I highly recommend becoming a Patron of my PAGE. I take it dead seriously and update regularly there with premium, unique content that only Patrons have access to. My page has 125 posts and is constantly growing. The content is truly exclusive. For example, all my Patrons get immediate access to:

- My unreleased, NEW STUDIO ALBUM, which features the songs Eden, Transpersonal Cowboy, Windmills & Wheatfields, Chow Down, Pulsing, Fuck or Fight, Anesthesia Necrophilia, Lamps, and more. The album was produced by Tom Syrowski (AC / DC, Pearl Jam). The band is Brendan Obrien (Bruce Springsteen, The Fray), Joel Shearer (Sarah McLachlan), Victor Indrizzo (Alannis Morrisette), and Sean Hurley<(Leonard Cohen).

- An unreleased HOUR LONG documentary MAN MEETS MANTIS - which details my bizarre paranormal experiences with Mantis aliens, and a hell of a lot more.

- TWO separate, never-released TRAILERS from my feature film, in production

- Over a DOZEN episodes of my un-released (but entirely completed) PODCAST series

- EXCLUSIVE paintings in my constructed ‘art language’, IS

- Full scripts to THREE feature films

- STORY BIBLES to original TV series and feature films in development

- FULL short films I’ve written & directed such as JUST BE YOURSELF starring Kandyse McClure, Sebastian Siegel, and Allison Macatee

- Private acoustic performances by me of other artist’s work, such as Leo Kottke

- Numerous unreleased tracks from my duo electronica project CAUSE EFFECTS, including the songs Subtle Nova, Language is Dead, Cold Front, and more

- The ENTIRE debut album from Jasmine Karimova, which I co-produced with Martin Cooke (Death Cab for Cutie, Muse)

- The entire HOUSE OF DAVIS series, produced by Conscious 2 in London, which follows the Davis’ as they explore family as a spiritual path

All this and much, much more. I honestly devote most of my time now to generating original content for Patrons, and then leaving it there for them to enjoy in private for a long time before it ever sees the light of day.

I am also now offering TWO NEW PREMIUM LEVELS FOR PATRONS. At $50 a month you get all of the above, plus a one-on-one guitar lesson with me. At $100 a month, you get all of the above, plus one-on-one sessions focusing on Art, Creativity, and Spirituality. These sessions are in-depth dives into the Something from Nothing workshops which I began leading last year.

Hope to see you over at Patreon, and I hope you enjoy the FREE full length comedy special COME COMEDY WITH ME!

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