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Hi Friends, it's Stuart writing from Beautiful Illinois. Had a great time at shows this last week (Potato, anyone?), thanks to all who came to Schuba's in Chicago and Mother Fool's in Madison the night before. In other news, LA's Famous / Infamous producing duo Alex Gibson and Tripp Lanier are nearing completion of the new Stuart Davis CD, due out in September sometime. We're spinning like teenage quarks over this one, it's shaping up to be a milestone of an album. A huge thank you as well to everyone who's invested so far, and to all the (500 or so) punk monks who've been signing up from all over the world to help out Dharma Pop with its mission to make a musical mudra with thousands of hands. We still have a few shares left for those interested in investing, feel free to contact me directly about such things. Hope you are all well. Love has no opposite~ Stuart

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Stuart Davis is one of a kind, and we are thrilled to have him on HDNet.

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