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Nashville & New Orleans

I play.

You come?

Feb 15th - Nashville , TN
Feb 27th - New Orleans, LA
Mar 15th - Albuquerque, NM
Mar 16th - Albuquerque, NM
Mar 22nd - Park City , UT
Apr 7th - San Francisco, CA
Apr 8th - Santa Cruz, CA
Apr 12th - Minneapolis, MN
Apr 13th - Duluth, MN
Apr 17th - Vancouver, BC
Apr 19th - Seattle, WA
May 10th - Eugene, OR
May 17th - Des Moines , IA
May 31st - Paonia, CO
Jun 1st - Boulder, CO
Jun 8th - Cleveland, OH
Jun 14th - Montreal, QB
Sep 11th - London, UK
Sep 20th - Dublin 2, IR
Sep 21st - Edinburgh, Scotland

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Razor-sharp improv. Lurking amid the minutiae of his observations on life and the Universe are some startling insights. Davis pulls off the most elusive of party tricks...Even the gods were grinning.

-Irish Times, Dublin Ireland