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Innocent 3-Way

Song of the day: Breaking Us In Two / Joe Jackson
Word of the day: Couvade / A custom in some cultures by which a man takes to his bed and goes through certain rituals when his wife bears a child (as if he is bearing the child and submits himself to fasting, purification, or taboos). Sympathetic pregnancy.

another new song this week. just a straight ahead pop song. catchy like the Old Testament:

Innocent 3-Way

Innocent three-way
between a man and wife
and this waitress girl in fish-net tights
They met at a bar and it just felt right
Everybody wanted one big night
One big night
One big night

Innocent three-way having a ball
at the bed & breakfast by the Pearl Street Mall
They hadn't been drunk since the baby was born
Cigarettes and a b-grade porn
Barely clad, they were well adorned

They added up to 400 pounds
388 when they all stripped down
Kicked it off with some naked twister
Then parted the waitress
and both of 'em kissed her

(Guitar Solo)
All men want
is an innocent three-way
All men want
is an innocent three-way

Well, maybe not
Cuz men get dumb when things get hot
Why'd he have to go for the money shot?
She started to cry when the money dropped

He got her a tissue from one of the purses
Said he was sorry but thought "It was worth it"
As the women agreed, "the trouble with men..."
He suddenly wanted to do it again

Innocent three-way, a Holy Grail
Can't have a train without a good third rail
Everybody wants a little Mormon fun
You'll say it's a secret when it's over and done
Then write a pop song telling every one
It's one big lie
One big lie

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