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No More Either / Or

I sit on the roof at night and stare into the stars. Is that cliche', because billions of people have done the same over the last million years? Or maybe the momentum of all that focus makes the experience more powerful?

Having large ears
Howard Jones

Tour Dates Coming Soon

I'm happy to say in the next few days I'll be posting confirmed concert dates for spring. I'll be with a full band for all shows, and we will be in these cities on the first leg of the tour in March:

Des Moines
Iowa City

I'm quite excited to be back on stage. More soon!

Extreme care in attention
Willy Porter

I Ate Some Glass

Yesterday I was helping my wife unload groceries. We dropped the bag with olive oil and pistachios. The glass bottle of olive oil hit the pavement and broke, soaking the pistachios. I love pistachios. AND olive oil. I knew we could not salvage the spilled oil, but I saw no reason to throw out those nuts.

Liquid (and therefore drinkable)
Matthew Sweet

The Focus

It's 3am. Can't sleep. I wouldn't say I have insomnia. Just went to bed at 10 and woke up at 3. Woke up after dreaming of Egypt. Thousands of years ago.


A guidebook for visitors or strangers
The Fray

Carpenters Crush The... (insert your favorite band here)

It's Carpenters, by the way. Not "the" Carpenters. Just Carpenters. And yes, they thought about it. A LOT. Let's honor their choice. Carpenters. Maybe your 'fraidy cat band needs a definite article to pave the way for their moniker, but not Carpenters. Their name stands free, unqualified. It's that strong.


Biting or inclined to bite


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